Fantastic Reviews & Autumnal News

It has been a kind return home & although the Irish tour is still generating a lot of good will & potential overseas, there’s much to look forward to here & now w/ regional shows being announced in the Midwest as well as talk of another East Coast jaunt in the works. The upcoming Fall schedule will include performances w/ Vaudevileins, Colonel Chloroform, Magic Box (the new project from Ed Anderson of Back Yard Tire Fire), poet Marty McConnell, & a host of others as well as a guest speaker appearance at Purdue University!  Our friend Mickey Harte continues to do well with his newest effort “Forward to Reality” & the founder of our feast (& our little home away from home), Flipside Works is daily growing the community around us! The reviews keep coming in for “If any or at all” & it’s thrilling to see such positive feedback & support for the new record! Thanks to everyone who continues to keep it all moving ahead…Although the year is winding down on the calendar, it’s only begining to catch steam for the new CD. Until next time, please check out the latest review below. Be well & keep listening!…if-any-or-at-all/